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About the Practitioner

Eric Goodbar, Master Rossiter Coach, Board Certified in Massage &  Bodywork, Aikido Instructor

Mission Statement:

As a Master Rossiter System Practitioner I take pain management to a new level, and it's drug free. If you want to get rid of pain, and are willing to "DO" something about it, this could likely be your answer.

Massage Therapy is a professional field that demands trust, respect, non-personal judgment, and a positive experience that we all deserve in our life. Clients receive nothing less than these characteristics in my care. Your body functions best when you’re relaxed, calm, and have a focused mind. This is true for everything. As a Massage Therapist, I have a goal to help people appreciate and enjoy life though relaxation and letting go of tension or stress with a unique touch that you have to experience to appreciate. 

Background & Training

In 1997 I actually started in Martail Arts studying Aikido. I earned my blackbelt and started teaching Aikido which all ultimately kick started my own understanding of movement and mind/body practice. This ended up blending very well into my soon to come Massage and bodywork training giving me a unique influence in training and in practice.  I started studying Massage Therapy at the Daniels Institute of Holistic Health and graduated in the year 2000. Throughout school I began going to clients' homes and offices, working for tips, and providing full-body and chair massages for practice and experience. After school, I continued working like this while I prepared for, and passed, the National Certification exam for massage therapy.  I then established Twin Palms Massage Therapy on March 13, 2001. I chose to specialize in "on-site" massage therapy because it was a path less explored in the Roanoke Valley. At the end of 2002 and in the beginning of 2003 I went through extra training in deep tissue massage and pregnancy massage. In 2004 I studied some Thai massage and in 2006 I studied Sacred Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi. In 2007 I went through extensive training with the Eastern Ki Federation in Ki no Kenko (Ki for Health, Japanese) which involves learning to teach Mind-Body Unification, Ki Breathing, Ki Meditation, and Kiatsu (bodywork). Ki no Kenko also teaches mindful living and everything we learned in this class truly helps every aspect of your life now and forever. In 2008 I took the opportunity to study more Sacred Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi a second time. In 2010 I became a Certified Rossiter Coach for a new approach to help people work out their pain quickly and effectively. In 2011 I opened Roanoke's only Rossiter Center and also took another Rossiter System class along with a Rossiter "PainSlayer 1" class to refine my skills and get more advanced training. Both in 2012 and 2013 I did even more advanced Rossiter classes gaining even more skills becoming Virginia's first Advanced Certified Rossiter Coach. 2015 I took the advanced Rossiter "PainSlayer 2 Master Series" class taking all of my Rossiter training to yet a higher level of skill. I also took an intensive 60 hour live class in biomechanics, gait, and movement correctives. followed by countless hours of continued online training. In 2016 I took the Rossiter "PainSlayer 3 Master Series. During that class I also certified for the elite title of the highest tier of Rossiter work, "Rossiter System Master Practitioner" (AKA PainSlayer). There are only a few people in the world with PainSlayer status and only 2 of us are on the East coast. I feel blessed to have these skills to help people feel better fast with natural bodywork. I also acquired our country's highest bodywork certification available in 2016, "Board Certified in Massage & Bodywork" due to advanced studies and years of experience in the field. 2018 I began training in Neural Reset Therapy which has been another game changer for my clients. 2020 I finished the Neural Reset Therapy advanced training as well as 30 hours of classes reviewing biomechanics, gait, and movement correctives. As time goes by I will continue to get extra training to expand my knowledge and skill in my practice to help my clients overcome problems and meet their wellness goals. 

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