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Advanced Bodywork & Manual Therapy

Advanced Bodywork & Manual Therapy Sessions (reg. $120 for 1 Hour / $65 for Half Hour) 
Current Special $80 for 1 hour.

    -Sessions may include some or all: 

    -evaluation in your pain, movement, posture, gait

    -Intake history of injuries, surgeries, sports or hobbies

    -Advanced Drug-Free Techniques to help pain, stiffness, mobility, balance, and general wellness in the joints and soft tissues.  

            -This is not traditional Chiropractic, Massage, or Physical therapy. This work is very efficient when used all by itself for your recovery and maintenance, and it also complements other therapies like Chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy by expediting your recovery. This is unique and specialized work provided by a Board Certified Massage & Bodywork professional with over 19 years of experience in movement and bodywork. Licensed and Insured.      

            -Techniques usually include combinations of deep tissue work stretching the *fascia (connective tissue) with movement that you will be actively coached through during the process. You may also be guided through movement correctives, some of which can be done on your own. Goals are to restore space and balance in the body so symptoms drop away and body functions improve.

            *Fascia is a web of connective tissue holding every cell (muscle cells, nerve cells, etc.) in your body together that gets bound up and tight restricting movement in joints and surrounding soft tissues causing pain, stiffness, wear and tear on the body. Restoring fascia replenishes hydration, nutrition, and oxygen to cells that would otherwise be deprived. Fascia has an intimate relationship in communicating with the brain, using proprioception and distribution of forces in your body so it is a huge doorway in to improving the body’s pain and function.


Not recommended for people with advanced osteoporosis or for people who have a really hard time moving around. Call if you have questions.


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