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Natural pain relief that works!
Say NØ to Cortisone Shots!!!

No drugs.   No splints.   No shots. 
No surgeries. No machines or tools used.

*Back & Hip pain         *Neck & Shoulder pain 
*Arm & Hand pain       *Leg & Foot pain

Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Headaches, Sprains, Strains, Neuromas, Most all Joint and Soft Tissue Pain or Stiffness.

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What is the Rossiter System?

If you are tired of relying on pills that mask pain and body discomfort and you are ready to be a part of your own recovery, The Rossiter System could be right for you. The Rossiter System is a system for soft tissue pain release designed to get people out of pain and optimize function and healing. It is deep tissue work targeting the connective tissue in body. Connective tissue is a huge web of tissue that holds everything in our body together, assists in movement, and is the richest organ in our body of nerve endings. When it gets bound up due to injury, overuse, underuse, age, etc. there are negative side effects that aren’t necessarily in that immediate area.  It can restrict nerve communication, limit body movement, and impede distribution of vital food, water, and air. Unraveling this web of tissue provides relief of the negative symptoms such as pain and stiffness and frees up blockages of other internal body functions necessary for thousands of important processes including healing. Keeping the body limber and moving pain free can reduce future injuries for all body types and give peak performance in your daily life.

For problem areas (Recovery), it’s best to do a few sessions close together until the problem goes away.
 After Recovery, it' s optimal to come in from time to time to go after other aches and stiffness to keep your body feeling great and moving easy in daily life (Mainenance). In keeping your body loose and pain free you will be more aware when you feel something tightening up which leads to bigger problems if left unattended. Getting a Rossiter workout in this stage prevents many of the common problems that lead most people to pain relieving drugs that affect the whole body without fixing the problem (Prevention).

Can the Rossiter System help you?
Rossiter can usually help with just about any structural pain and stiffness. The Rossiter System can also make what feels good, feel even better. There are a few limitations and it’s not going to be right for everyone. You should talk with your Rossiter coach about your individual goals to see if it could help you.  

What is a Rossiter Workout like?
The person getting worked on is always in charge. The more you pay attention and work during a technique, the better your results. Results are also accumulative so each workout builds on to the previous work done. The Rossiter Coach will strategically add some bodyweight to certain areas according to the problem being addressed and then coach you through certain movements to unravel the tissue and work out your pain and improve the function of that area in the body.  The techniques are efficient and do not need a lot of time to take effect. The person worked on usually only has to take off their shoes and also be able to get on and off the floor without the help of another person. If you do a lower body workout, bring walking shoes and expect to walk for about 15 minutes soon after the work.

How many workouts will I need?
Most people see a significant change in the first workout. There is no magic number of workouts because everyone’s problem is different and some people will work harder than others to get the desired results. For best results with a problem, multiple workouts scheduled close together (2 or 3 times in a week) and then you will have a good idea if you need more work for that problem or not. After that, if more work is needed, you can spread the appointments a little further apart or stay aggressive and keep them close together. You want to make changes, reprogram the patterns in the connective tissue and if you spread your first appointments out over time it isn’t as efficient.  You might choose to use the Rossiter System to open up other areas in the body that aren’t problematic yet. This will start to optimize all of the functions in your body by giving more space inside making it easier to operate and heal. It can counter balance our daily routines that shorten the connective tissue causing future problems.

Does insurance cover the Rossiter System workouts?
Open auto accident claims should cover this work and so should workers comp cases. Unfortunately in Virginia though, Health insurance doesn’t cover the Rossiter System or massage therapy, yet the good news is that one session of Rossiter will typically make more positive changes than multiple visits to see another professional who is covered by insurance. So you get more bang for your buck and less time off work using Rossiter which can save you more money in the long run in most cases without negative side effects of drugs, shots, and surgeries. Another point on insurance, our car insurance covers emergencies, but doesn’t cover worn out tires, brakes, and belts because they’re necessary and also maintenance. Health Insurance is similar. Don’t let your brakes go out completely so you have an accident just so your insurance will get involved. 

I try to run specials often to keep the cost more affordable to encourage people to call right away for a problem rather than waiting. Putting off a problem will make it more bound up and take longer to fix which equals more time and expense to fix it. 

Testimonials (click to read)

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SPORTS: Rossiter for Injury Prevention

A whole body wellness approach: 

     We should all know that our body is always in communication with you and telling you when something is bad. Aches, pain, and stiffness is communication that problems have already settled in and the body wants you to do something about it. This may have been from a sudden accident or in most cases building over time. It's not as obvious when it's building over time which means we need to be doing something already to keep our body functioning optimally. And guess what, some of our attempts at being healthy can possibly be either causing other problems or we just aren't getting the full benefit because our body gets tight and out of balance in certain areas creating limitations. You hear of a lot of people getting hurt in the gym or in sports (even with good body mechanics and lots of training). Also, healthy food and vitamins, water, and oxygen can't get to every cell in the body as efficiently when there is restriction which can lead to all kinds of health problems including cancer. The body must be open and free throughout so that blood can carry in the nutrients, water, and oxygen as well as expel the waste in the body. The immune system even gets compromised from the restrictions. A body with less restriction in the tissues and joints gets injured less, heals faster, and performs much greater. These restrictions are in the stretchy dense web of connective tissue (sometimes referred to as fascia) that holds together every cell in your body including nerve and muscle cells. This connective tissue gets bound up and restricted over time, with over use, lack of use, injuries, bad habits, and even good habits and is difficult to correct without the help of a trained practitioner. The Rossiter System is a very effective approach to reconditioning the fascia in the body giving more freedom of movement, quick pain relief from head to toe, increased circulation, and better communication of nerves and hormones. Most people try the Rossiter System for pain and stiffness, but the benefits do not stop there. Regular sessions of the Rossiter System will optimize and maintain your bodies function and performance help prevent injuries, allow better distribution of food, water, and air, and make you feel really good.  


My Guarantee: When trying The Rossiter System(R) at my office, if you don't see any progression in your pain or movement while in my office on your first visit then you don't pay a penny.
**If you have had cortisone shots or surgery in the problem area you might see less progression at first and you could need more sessions than typical to get through your recovery, but everyone is different.
**If you have severe osteoporosis it is not recommended that you use The Rossiter System(R).

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