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Respiratory Relief

This amazing work works with the body's fascial system to efficiently enhance breathing quickly. This can help with improving physical performance, and for people with respiratory problems such as asthme and COPD. Anyone can benefit by breathing easier whether there is a perceived problem or not. This work is not recommended for someone with osteoporosis (brittle bones) in the ribcage and spine.

While most people see dramatic changes right away, some clients will need maintenance sessions over time to maintain the relief and some will see enough changes in one or a couple sessions. 

Some people report:
- an average of 40% easier to breathe the day of the 1st session.
- able to do more physical activity and for longer without getting out of breath.
- able to complete endurance events with new personal records and less time to recover, such as marathons, sporting events


In 2017, I was one of about 25 people in the world who had received this brand new training. This work can be a game changer for many reasons as breathing is crucial to all body functions, but time and experience will grow bringing forth stories of how different people have benefited from the work.

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