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Restorative Movement with your Anatomy in Motion

Restorative Movement Therapy Sessions

 Wear or change into something you might workout in or swim in. Put long hair up/ off shoulders.
(Big loose clothing and hair covering neck/shoulders make assessments more difficult)
Type out a history of injuries/ surgeries in chronological order.
Bring in your smart phone or other device to record any movement homework assigned to you.

Rather than focus on the problem you are experiencing, what if we just focus on putting back the parts that don’t work. Re-engaging in all those much-needed movements that have gone AWOL over the years?

"When we teach the human body to utilize each and every joint in the planes of movement it has available to it, and in perfect synchronicity with the rest of the joints in the system, we increase the functionality of the system as a whole." - What the Foot? pg. 35

Do you have unresolved aches, pains, and feel stiff or restricted in movement? Have you seen a variety of healthcare professionals that have targeted just the symptoms at the site of pain and it keeps coming back? 

The body has an amazing ability for healing itself but sometimes it needs a little help to get it heading in the right direction. We have 206 bones that move in 3 dimensions together with over 300 joints. There is a constant dance or conversation going on as one bone communicates with the next creating this amazing flow of motion through the body. Not to mention we have over 650 muscles with 1 huge dynamic web of connective tissue holding it all together and assisting in keeping you from falling over.

It's a bit like a moving jigsaw puzzle… In an optimally moving body you have all the little movement pieces together and your picture looks exactly like what the picture on the box looks like.. Happy days!!!

… But then you get someone walking into the clinic that maybe has a history of past trauma or Injury. Maybe they're a bit stressed out, or hurt themselves in high school sports. All of a sudden some of their movement pieces might be stuck or completely missing and the puzzle picture isn't looking so much like the one on the box. That constant flow of motion through the body has been altered.

As your practitioner I want to help identify your missing movement pieces and then create a positive movement experience that takes you on a journey to restore that flow of motion. Are you ready to take that journey?

Your Restorative Movement sessions start with assessments and then I guide your body through movement and start you on your journey back to health. This could be looked at as a progressive series of sessions so we can take the time to help recondition your body by seeking more neutrality in the movement of joints and soft tissues bringing the body back to center. The more centered a body is the more optimal all the functions and performance become. Changes are quite often observed in that 1st session and reinforced by exploring the movements at home.

I invite you to come into the work with the expectations of tuning into your body, observing and being aware throughout the session and staying focused. As we introduce your body to some movements you will get to check in to see if things might feel any different as we go along.

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